List of Services and Prices

Our acoustically treated live room and isolation booth.

Audio Recording

Includes: studio prep before your session, a professional recording engineer, audio recording & mixing, headphone monitors & talkback system, access to our gear, and an mp3 or wav mixdown before you leave.

Audio recording session | $80/hr 

Audio recording session with assistant | $110/hr

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing includes: level balancing, panning/stereo imaging, surgical & tonal EQ, compression, effects, saturation, timing & pitch correction (autotune), and more.

Mastering includes: limiting & compression, EQ, Saturation, LUFS, RMS & DBFS metering & level setting, Stereo imaging, effects, and more.

Mixing/mastering 1 song | Prices vary (email for a quote)

Mixing/mastering 2+ songs | Flat rate bulk deal (email for a quote) 

Online/remote mastering | $40/song

Custom Beats/Soundtracks

Want to make a song but not sure where to begin? Need alterations to a song you already have? Need to Hire a musician? We can help.

Custom beats/soundtracks | $80/hr

Custom arrangement + hired talent | $80/hr + additional hourly charge for hired talent.

Practice Room

Just need a space to meet up and practice? This is for you! Includes: use of our live room and vocal booth as a soundproof place to practice. Bring your gear!

Practice room access | $50/hr

Live Sound

Concerts, weddings, parties, and more. Leave the sound to us so you can focus on the event. Let us help you run your live sound - setup, sound check, mixing, teardown, etc...

Live sound | Price varies (email for a quote)